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How Often Should Your Snowmobile Helmet Be Replaced?

How Often Should Your Snowmobile Helmet Be Replaced

Obviously, you will require a new snowmobile helmet if your current one has been damaged or broken in a collision, or it has dents and cracks etc. What isn’t so clear when it’s time to replace if the helmet has no signs of wears like cracks and dents. The manufacturing date can be helpful for that. All snowmobile helmets have a date of manufacturing mentioned on them.

You’ve probably heard your snowmobile helmet is due for a replacement or up-gradation after every 3-5 years. Indeed, almost all snowmobile helmet manufacturers and certification bodies such as ECE, DOT, SNELL, etc. recommend a new helmet somewhere around 3-5-years period.

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To me asking that when should I replace my snowmobile helmet is same as asking When should I replace my cell phone. You don’t wait for 5years to change your cellphone why. Because every upcoming year you will have upgraded product with enhanced technology like more security features, high-resolution cameras etc.

The Snowmobile helmets are improving at a fast rate. Snowmobile helmets offered today are much enhanced than the helmets available five years ago. Innovation in designs and materials are regularly changing. Accepted safety standards also change.

So, in our opinion, a new helmet is up-gradation rather than a replacement.

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