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How To Clean Snowmobile Helmet Shield?

How To Clean Snowmobile Helmet Shield

Place a soft wet cloth on the stained area after using the helmet. Let the water to absorb any dust or grime. Carefully clean the area with any soft fabric. Always wipe in one direction only and don’t use any other motion. Cleaning in one direction will decrease the chances of swirl stains.

When cleaning the shield or helmet, don’t apply any solvents such as oil, ammonia-based glass cleaners, or detergents. Contact with these solvents can damage the properties and will decrease the mechanical strength.

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Also, avoid using paper-based products such as paper towels. Paper towels are very rough and can scratch the helmet and shield.

To clean the shield, we suggest using a mild dish soap diluted with water and a piece of soft fabric to wipe it gently.

At last, wipe it dry with a soft fabric.

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