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How To Keep Snowmobile Helmet Visor From Fogging?

How To Keep Snowmobile Helmet Visor From Fogging

First of all, let’s find out what causes the fogging on snowmobile helmets

When humid and moist breath makes contacts with the icy or cold surfaces such as helmet visor of eyeglasses the Fogging happens. It gets worse by the surplus heat dissolves from the head. This usually takes place when the body gets excessively warm from any activity or if your metabolism runs on the hot side. The colder it will be outside the worse fogging or icing you will witness on your helmet or face. 

Now the question is, how you can take care of your helmet for safe and sound snowmobiling?

Right Height Windshield

Make sure that your snow machine has the right height windshield for your size. If your windshield deflects cold air directly on to helmet visor, it will be tough to keep it clean and bright. We will recommend a higher windshield that deflects the wind above your head. This deflection will provide the visor anti-fogging measures and the chance to work adequately.

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Keep it Clean

Grime and finger marks can have a significant impact on how much, or how fast a helmet fogs. Try cleaning your face shield with a microfiber fabric before riding. We will recommend carrying a dry microfiber fabric with you in all-day rides.

Strategic Visor Management

Keeping your helmet’s air vents open and visors closed will let you keep it free from the fog. Airflow inside the helmet ends once you stop your ride, so raise your visor during these pauses in your journey. Using an anti-fog spray to the inside of your face shield can decrease the fogging but perhaps won’t get rid of it completely.

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