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How To Measure Snowmobile Helmet Size?

How To Measure Snowmobile Helmet Size

To measure the size of the helmet, you first have to measure the size of your head. Just wrap a tape measure straight around your head about an inch on top of your eyebrows. This will measure the size of your head.

Pick the helmet size that is nearby to your head size. Many times the head measurement may fall between two helmet sizes. If this happens first try the smaller size.

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When wearing a snowmobile helmet, it should be warm and cosy. If it is not, then it is too big for you. With the helmet on and chin strap fixed firmly, if you can move the helmet effortlessly up/down or side to side without moving your head, the helmet is too big.

Be aware that a helmet fits various head shapes differently. A helmet that will fit one person entirely may not match another person with the same size, due to the shapes of their heads.

When choosing the helmet size, you can’t say that One size fits for all.

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