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What To Wear Under Snowmobile Helmet?

What To Wear Under Snowmobile Helmet

As we all know, a good helmet is a must for snowmobile, and one should always wear it when riding the snowmobile. The helmet keeps you warm and also protects your head you in case of an accident or crash. But there are also other gears you should consider wearing under the helmet to keep your ride more safe and comfortable.


Facemasks are vital, especially on very chilly and cold days to avoid frostbite. The facemask is necessary if your helmet is not full-faced. Balaclava facemasks made of silk, thin polyester are much more suitable than other fabric because they are more comfortable, lightweight.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is crucial and may comprise of goggles, visor and sunglasses. All these things keep the eyes safe from snow, flying debris tree limbs, and ice kicked up from other snowmobiles. These accessories can also be handy in protecting your eyes from watering due to the cold weather or wind.

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